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Who is Ryan Strickland?

JoshuaTree[amanda5.10]I am a climber, writer, photographer, and teacher residing in Idyllwild, California. I am excited to share my passion for climbing, adventure, and science with you through trip reports, essays, articles, and photography.

I grew up in Louisiana, far from the mountains, but have always had a passion for them. A 1st grade journal entry of mine (saved by my Mom), scribbled above a large zig-zagging line representing a mountain ridge foretold my passion: “I want to live in the montons because I like montons.”

Living in the mountains would have to wait until after college, when I first moved to California. At first, I spent most of my time off from work exploring and backpacking the San Jacinto Mountains and backcountry desert of Joshua Tree. Within a year, I was introduced to technical rock climbing.

I first climbed at the legendary Suicide Rock on a cold March day. The weather was clear, but we slogged up the approach through 2 feet of wet snow. We only managed to top rope 2 routes in the fading afternoon light, but I was hooked. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have gone on some great climbing trips and have had several great partners and a few mentors who have become some of my closest friend.

I climb most often at Tahquitz and Suicide in Idyllwild, but also spend a fair number of days climbing in Joshua Tree during the winter season. I’ve climbed more than 100 different routes, many dozens of times, at Tahquitz and Suicide. My spring and fall trips usually take me east into Red Rocks or Zion, and each summer I take a few trips to the Sierra, be it Yosemite, Tuolumne, and the Eastside.

I enjoy scrambling and easy solos almost as much as technical climbing. There’s nothing more fun to me than moving fast over rock. One of my favorite experiences climbing was sitting on top of Lunch Rock at Tahquitz after soloing a few easy routes, gazing at Marion Mountain in the fiery sunset light.

Here is my climbing resume.

I am open to meeting climbing partners who enjoy swinging leads and climbing efficiently.  I’m also willing to mentor motivated new climbers in Southern California in exchange for belays. Contact me if you’d like to climb!

Outside of climbing, I’m an active amateur astronomer and have a BA in Physics from Hendrix College. I enjoy learning about science and sharing what amazes me with others. From my perspective, science is one of the most important and creative endeavors humans undertake. Reading about science takes me on adventures of discovery in my mind about who we are and where we live.

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